YIGANERJING Classic Sulphur Soap 84g: With a unique sulphur formula, this yellow soap deeply cleanses and effectively fights acne and excess oil.

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YIGANERJING Sulphur Soap is a classic brand with a unique sulphur formula that effectively treats acne and deep cleanses the face. It has natural antibacterial properties and refreshing and moisturizing benefits. This yellow sulphur soap removes excess oi

Yiganerjing Biodegradable Antifungal Facial Soap

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It enriched with Dead Sea minerals and sulfur. Contains Olive Oil and Aloe Vera that balance the skin natural moisture.

Usage & Storage

Assists in treatment of acne, penetrates pores to control acne blemishes and helps keep skin clear of new acne pimples.

Feature Scrub affected area with washcloth and warm water. Rinse well and keep the soap foam at affected area for 3~5 minutes, then wash the skin with clean water. 

YIGANERJING Sulphur Soap is a highly popular skincare brand with 5 key selling points:

  1. Unique sulphur formula: YIGANERJING Sulphur Soap has a unique sulphur formula that effectively treats acne and deep cleanses the face, providing thorough cleansing for the skin.

  2. Natural antibacterial properties: Sulphur soap contains natural antibacterial ingredients that effectively kill bacteria and reduce skin problems such as acne and blackheads. These ingredients also help reduce skin infections and inflammation.

  3. Refreshing and moisturizing: YIGANERJING Sulphur Soap also has refreshing and moisturizing benefits that can moisturize the skin while cleansing it, keeping the skin hydrated.

  4. Oil control: The yellow sulphur formula has strong oil control benefits that can deeply remove excess oil, preventing pores from clogging and reducing the occurrence of acne.

  5. Wide applicability: YIGANERJING Sulphur Soap is suitable for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin. This skincare product can be used on multiple body parts such as face, body, and hair, providing comprehensive skincare protection.

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