YIGANERJING Herbal Multifunctional liquid 320g


Gender : Unisex
Origin : Mainland China
Ingredient : herbal
Quantity : 1pc
Hair Type : All
Number of Pieces : One Unit
NET WT : 320g
function1 : Relieve itching
function2 : remove seborrheic dermatitis
function3 : scalp ringworm


Yiganerjing Seborrheic Dermatitis Removal Scalp Ringworm Removal Mite Relief Shampoo 320G Free Shipping Items


[Main ingredients]


Sulfur spring water extract, lemon, pomegranate, essential oil, water.





1、Reduces facial oil and leaves a matte effect. By absorbing excess oil and unclogging pores, our product can help you reduce acne pimples and remove mites, and can be used three times a week.


2、Men or women with excessive body skin oil secretion and acne on the back, which always goes away and grows back after getting well. Show your beauty and charm, for the body, you can use it every day, and after 30 days, you will see the effect.


3, You can also use it to cleanse your greasy scalp. Excess oil clogs hair follicles and gives off an unpleasant greasy smell. Using it to reduce scalp oil and reduce grease clogging can reduce hair loss, seborrheic scalp, acne and ringworm on the head




1. Natural sulfur spring water extract formula, no side effects, safe enough for both children and adults. (Pregnant women, infants and children should not use)


2. fine foam, no unpleasant smell of sulfur soap, added lemon extract, you will feel fresh after washing.


3. for a variety of itchy skin problems. It is a good product commonly used in families.


4. A bottle can be used to clean the face, head, body, very convenient and durable.


5. With its own pump head squeeze, clean and hygienic


How to use?



1. for the face use, it is recommended to use a maximum of about 2 times a week, not too much, the face can not be without the protection of oil, this can not be excessive cleaning.


2. for use on the body, can be used every day, dry and itchy skin in winter, with body lotion use. 3. 2-3 times a day.


3. for cleaning hair, can be used every day


4. If there is discomfort, please stop using it.




1. For external use only, keep away from your sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.


One bottle is multi-purpose: bathing, shampoo and face washing!