YIGANERJING Herbal Foot Patches - Unique Formula, 10pcs/pack, 6-pack Treatment Course, Powder Form with Mugwort for Fatigue Relief and Better Sleep

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YIGANERJING foot patches are a natural therapy that uses traditional Chinese herbal formula to soothe fatigue, improve sleep, and promote blood circulation when applied to the feet. Each pack contains 10 patches, and it's recommended to use continuously

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Product information
Brand Name



Yiganerjing Foot Patch


10 pieces/box


Moxa leaf extract, bamboo vinegar, bamboo arcoal, shellfish hard protein powder, Platycodon grandiflorum exfhact arel recommended for the majority of the population, but not onregnant women

Warranty period

3 years


YIGANERJING foot patches are a type of foot care product made with a traditional Chinese herbal formula. They come in a powder patch form, which is convenient and easy to use. Each pack contains 10 foot patches, and it's recommended to use continuously for 6 treatment courses to achieve the best results.

YIGANERJING foot patches can promote blood circulation, soothe fatigue, and relieve discomfort when applied to the feet. By stimulating acupoints, they can improve body function, help regulate body balance, and achieve the effect of foot care.

These foot patches can help relieve foot fatigue caused by long-standing, walking, or sitting, and they can also stimulate the nervous system through acupoints, improve sleep quality, and help you relax and rest better at night. Choose YIGANERJING foot patches for a natural and effective way to take care of your feet and promote overall wellness.



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